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  • Project Parcelization: we assist owners in dividing their larger real estate project into smaller parcels that can be sold individually. This process involves legal, financial city/county approvals and logistical considerations to ensure a smooth and profitable subdivision.
  • Tenant Management: For clients who own properties with tenants, we help manage these tenant relationships. This may include handling tenant inquiries, rent collection, lease agreements, and addressing any issues that may arise during their tenancy.
  • Vendor Management: Vendor management is a crucial aspect of common area management, as it involves the selection, coordination, and oversight of various service providers and contractors who help maintain the property. We identify and select vendors based upon their reputation, expertise, and price. Once selected, we negotiate vendor agreements, collect necessary documents including insurance certificates and licenses, oversee maintenance schedules, monitor performance and track payments.
  • Property Inspections/Verifications: We offer property inspection services to verify the condition of the properties, ensuring they are well-maintained. This helps identify any necessary repairs or improvements that might be required before the sale or as part of regular property maintenance.
  • NNN and Pad Owners Support: For clients who own NNN properties (where tenants are responsible for property expenses), we provide specialized assistance in managing these assets efficiently. This could include verifying tenant compliance with NNN terms and ensuring timely payment of expenses like taxes, insurance, and maintenance costs.

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