Commercial Property Owners’ Association Formation & Management

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Parcel owners express a desire to establish a Commercial Property Owners' Association to manage common areas and make collective decisions.

Many retail centers find significant benefits in establishing an Owners’ Association, we take charge of orchestrating and guiding the legal process and team to establish and subsequently manage the association.


Common Area Management, Inc. plays a key role in structuring the association. We work with attorneys to form a non-profit mutual benefit corporation (“Association”).

Legal Documentation:

  • Articles of Incorporation: These legal documents outline the purpose, structure, and governance of the association. They are filed with the appropriate state agency.
  • Corporate Bylaws: The corporate bylaws provide detailed guidelines for how the association operates, including the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors Corporate Officers and members.
  • Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (CCR’s): These are rules and regulations that govern both the parcel owners and the use of common areas. They are recorded and enforceable on all properties within the association.


Common Area Management, Inc. acts as a professional management company that helps establish and maintain the Commercial Property Owners’ Association, ensuring its smooth operation, legal compliance, and effective management of common areas and community affairs. This arrangement allows parcel owners to have a structured and organized approach to collective decision-making.

  • Management and Oversight: Common Area Management, Inc. takes on the role of managing the association and its common areas. This involves several tasks:
    • Board of Directors Guidance: We will assist and advise the Board of Directors, helping them understand their roles and responsibilities, and guiding them in decision-making.
    • Annual Meetings: Facilitate annual meetings for association members, where important matters are discussed and voted upon.
    • Budget Creation: Collaborates with the Board to create an annual budget for the association, outlining income and expenses.
    • Assessment Collections: Collects assessments (fees) from parcel owners to fund the association’s operations and maintenance of common areas.
    • Banking: Handle all financial transactions, including setting up bank accounts and managing funds
    • Financial Reporting: Provides regular financial reports to the Board and association members, ensuring transparency and accountability.
    • Risk/Insurance Management: Helps the association manage risks and secure appropriate insurance coverage to protect against potential liabilities.

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